Funke Akindele is currently trending on Twitter and it’s for no other reason than the face of her Twins being exposed by her husband’s ex-wife 

In a post on her Instagram page on Thursday afternoon, Mella shared a photo of the actress, her husband, and their twins.

She captioned the photo – “If you don’t want me to expose your family, then don’t expose mine. Funke and Abdul Bello”.


Rumors on social media had it that Funke Akindele’s marriage was reportedly facing serious troubles.

Benito, one of JJC’s children took to the comment section to speak about the actress.

He claimed that he lived with them for two years and that the experience was terrible.

However, in a post shared on his Instagram, JJC, who is presently in London, insinuated that their marriage was steady.

He wrote:-

“The only rock that stays steady and the only institution I know that works is marriage. London is cool but I’m missing home @funkejenifaakindele my love have loads of fun with the children. See you soon at home.

“Don’t let anyone spoil your vibes, Bellos forever #devilisaliar.”



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